Being a chef on a private scientific remote expedition vessel, wrapped in the owners corporate philosophical format is exponentially more challenging than all super-yachts that I have been on or heard of. Given that it is a 1974 built remote scientific expedition vessel fused with super-yacht standards, the demands are a phenomenon not only for the crew and the galley department but especially for the provisioner. Debbie Gribble of DIVERSE PROJECTS faced the varied unpredictable challenges whilst encapsulating par excellence with a smooth as silk endearing capability.

Alucia had 4 chefs catering for up to 50 crew (the owner has 4 vessels and Alucia is the working platform that most crew board in order to serve owner requirements) and 12 guests with customized dietary demands. In the 12 months that Alucia was in Auckland, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and the Solomon's, I had the privilege of working with Debbie Gribble and she never failed to deliver with punctual perfection.

The level of service required planning unheard of given the nature of a fickle itinerary, remote itinerary with no provisioners available and many many employees and crew members trying to involve themselves in the interior and galley operations - Debbie was fundamentally brilliant in being beyond reliability and infallibility. I praise her infinite capacity to remain patient. Truly impressive.

In terms of produce quality, New Zealand has the best in the world. But in order to have it arrive intact with integrity and on time and be calm and ready for the change of yacht docking/location times Debbie Gribble is exceptional.

A recommendation letter seems shallow in comparison to what I recieved. Hopefully those that need a great provisioner can see the value in these words.


Andre Daniels 

April 2013

Andre Daniels Head Chef - ALUCIA

I am the Head Chef on MV Umbra (54m) and we spent six months in New Zealand and I used Diverse Projects for all my provisioning during this time. Not only for crew food but also for guest trips and science missions and I was never disappointed. 

Everyone at Diverse Projects went out of their way to go the extra mile and to make sure that we got exactly what we were asking for. Often exceeding expectations and the herbs and spices that arrived in small plastic, labelled containers were indeed a godsend and I will only ever pack my herbs and spices like that in future. It made my life a lot easier. So thank you!

The meat and fish were of excellent quality and as requested all hormone free and free range. Everything was packed and portioned as I had requested and all vacuum packed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their suppliers whatever your budget is. They will find something to suit you and all top quality produce. The fresh fruit and vegetables were particularly good and there was a large and diverse range. They also lasted well and the shelf life was excellent, which for me was very important as we were going to sea to remote areas often for sometime.

When we finally left NZ, I had to provision for three months for thirty people and Debbie at Diverse was extremely helpful. Often taking two or three calls a day from me, she was very patient and understanding and realised the importance of getting everything right first time around. It really was a pleasure doing business with her and she and Diverse would be my first port of call if I was to return to New Zealand and you couldn’t go wrong in working with them. Thank you all for everything. It was a real pleasure.

All the best

Belinda Brewin
Head Chef- MV Umbra

April 2015

Belinda Brewin, Head Chef - MV Umbra

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