Vanuatu is a pristine example of a Pacific archipelago and island paradise ideal for yacht charter and travel. The area offers a wide variety of activities to do and places to explore with over 80 different Islands in the Vanuatu region.

Vanuatu itself is a small independent country comprising of a variety of islands, the largest being Espiritu Santo and Efate where the capital, port Vila is located. About 65 of the 80 islands are inhabited leaving large amounts of the archipelago isolated and perfect for sailing to and relaxing on the beaches.

As well as pristine white beaches on many of Vanuatu’s islands there’s also a rich array of natural aquatic wildlife with coral reefs providing excellent opportunities for snorkelling and swimming. One of the finest areas for diving and snorkelling is the island of Tanna with the majestic blue caves, a must see for anyone sailing in the region. The caves and the coral reef are alive with a vast array of wildlife. Other Islands like Efate and Bokissa also have large reefs and great biodiversity in their wildlife so there are plenty of opportunities for some good diving all around Vanuatu.

Also very much recommended to explore when on the islands are the volcanoes, which are a hot tourist destination and very exciting. In particular the Island of Tanna which features mounts Yasur, an active volcano. While it can be dangerous, for much of the year the volcano’s crater rim can safely be reached to get a front row view of nature’s fury.

Other activities can be found within the various islands of Vanuatu. Experiencing the unique culture of Vanuatu is definitely one of the best of such activities as the native Vanuatu people have a rich history and society centuries old. The Island of Efate for example has variety of small tribal villages which specialize in incorporating visitors into the village for a day.

Vanuatu is without a doubt a beautiful area with a unique history and island culture. A mixture of both relaxing beaches and exciting activities, the island group is well worth travelling to: and what better way to see the sights, sounds, and shores of Vanuatu than with your own chartered yacht, experiencing the best the islands have to offer in style.

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