A yacht charter in Sardinia, Italy, is quite an experience. Sardinia is a universe unto itself. It's an island of Italy, where the local language is incomprehensible to all other Italians. An island with one of Europe's most stunning coastlines, its waters team with fish, its golden sands disappear into oceans of blue, its rugged mountains are covered with flocks of sheep.

Spread out all along the coastline of Sardinia, the tourist harbours welcome and entertain sailors, inviting them to discover the wonder of the Sardinian towns, or simply to stop beneath the stars during long trips. These lay-outs, set in natural scenery, have now for many years, had numerous services and facilities.

All the tourist ports on the island of Sardinia compete rather well with the Mediterranean’s other chic hot spots. Summers tend to attract lovely warm days and crowds of millionaires, supermodels and luxury yachts, especially to the prestigious Yacht Club Costa Smeralda at Porto Cervo, near Olbia.

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