Fiji Islands

Fiji is the perfect place for a yacht charter holiday. Imagine white sandy beaches, aquamarine water and swaying palms trees. Many areas of the Fijian Islands are inaccessible to tourism because of their remoteness, which gives sailing yacht charters a real scope for adventure.

Fiji, is an independent nation within the British Commonwealth comprised of more than 300 islands - only one third of them inhabited - scattered over more than 450,000 square miles of open ocean. Fiji's islands are volcanic (none are active) and have both fringing and barrier reefs teeming with colourful coral and sea creatures big and small.

The largest two islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu - occupy 87% of the total land mass of Fiji.You can imagine how tiny, tranquil and unspoiled many of the country's remaining islands must be!

The capital, Nadi, is on the island of Vita Levu. There are a couple of island groups within a few hours by sailboat from Vitu Levu. Most of the Mamanuca islands host modern international resorts. Musket Cove Resort, one of the only islands with marina facilities for yachts, has been awarded the "Best Resort in Fiji" – a great place to start your yacht charter.

Where to Sail

With over 300 islands in Fiji, the choice of where to sail can seem overwhelming! The whole of Fiji can be broken down into five sailing regions. Much of the sailing within each of the regions is distinctive, so if you have only a week or two, you will likely want to concentrate on one region only.

In Vanau Levu, the northern island, you will discover a marine spectacle. Around Taveuni, Savusavu, Namena Reef and Koro Island, you’ll find some of the best diving in the world. The island itself is covered in lush rainforests and waterfalls and the water below is home to some incredible coral and marine life. There are plenty of natural bays in which to anchor a yacht.

There really is no better way to experience to culture, beauty and diversity of Fiji, than on your very own charter boat. Fiji is often referred to as the ‘Crossroads of the South Pacific’. Because of Fiji's geographical location the Islands are a hospitable land of contrasts in people, flora, fauna and culture. Also, for yacht chartering splendor, she has some amazing islands, beaches, anchorages and marine life. What better place to charter a luxury yacht and to explore the stunning beauty and natural wonders of the South Pacific?

Fiji is home to an island people who have often been called the friendliest on earth! The Fijian Islands are made up of a chain of over 300 individual islands, which leaves plenty of choice for places to explore. The area is a cosmopolitan cocktail of culture, race and religion. It is a place where ‘bula’, the traditional Fijian greeting, is a very special and friendly word. Perhaps most important of all, is is a great place to charter a yacht where you can relax without a care in the world.

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