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This 31-metre, LOMOcean-designed vessel was built in New Zealand’s Whangarei by the experienced Diverse Projects team. With a range of 3000nm, Diverse fitted the yacht with a number of features to perfectly match the owner’s needs including sourcing floor to ceiling glass panes which can withstand a force equivalent to 16t and creating a bespoke hull paint to exactly match the colour of a Tahitian black pearl belonging to the owner’s wife.

“The total risk for budget and time was completely ours but John Vitali had demonstrated by example that he was more than capable of completing this project on time and on budget. Also, the quality of New Zealand trades people is first class. As a property developer I would have to say this has been an outstanding project and a real team effort and I would like to congratulate my skipper Paul Sewell and project manager John Vitali for bringing the team together to complete this project on time and within budget,” Black Pearl’s owner.

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