Auckland “International Arrival & Departure Berth” 

  • Vessels 25 m or less are processed at Z pier in Westhaven Marina.
  • Vessels up to 135m may be processed at Silo or Viaduct Marinas.

The Westhaven Marina “International Arrival & Departure Berth”

(also known as a NZ Customs, control, clearance, transitional facility berth) is a secure berth based at Z Pier, for the use of Recreational Craft up to 25m in length)

The use of a “Transitional Berth” is required by NZ Customs and MPI as an “Approved First Place of Arrival” for processing of any vessels, persons, animals or goods entering or leaving New Zealand.

The Westhaven Marina International Arrival & Departure Berth is located at Latitude 36.84’23 S - Longitude 174.75’10 E between the eastern side of the bottom of the main Z Pier pedestrian ramp.

The Viaduct Marina “International Arrival & Departure Berth”

(also known as a customs, control, clearance, transitional facility berth)

Craft 20m and over in length.
The use of a “Transitional Berth” is required by NZ Customs and MPI as an “Approved First Place of Arrival” for processing of any vessels, persons, animals or goods entering or leaving New Zealand.

The Viaduct Transitional Facility Berths are located at Latitude 36.8430° S - Longitude 174.7616° E

The Silo Marina “International Arrival & Departure Berth”

(also known as a customs, control, clearance, transitional facility berth)

Craft 20m and over in length.
The use of a “Transitional Berth” is required by NZ Customs and MPI as an “Approved First Place of Arrival” for processing of any vessels, persons, animals or goods entering or leaving New Zealand.

The Silo Marina Transitional Facility Berths are located at Latitude 36.8399° S - Longitude 174.7536° E

Procedures for Arriving Vessels

Advanced notice of arrival must be notified to NZ Customs/MPI.

Contact information

NZ Customs
+64 29 296 1357

+64 9 909 3019, +64 9 909 3046 (after hours).

Westhaven Marina
+64 9 360 5870
VHF 13
After hours - 0800 MARINAS

Viaduct and Silo Marinas
+64 9 355 1837
VHF 73

Special notices applying

o CCTV monitoring is 24/7
o Gates should remain secure and only accessed by authorised personnel.
o Crew/passengers are not to leave the vessel except for the purpose of berthing.
o No guests to enter the secure dock area or board the vessel except MPI and Customs.

Haul Out
Should a vessel be required to be hauled out for cleaning or inspection of Bio Fouling.
Vessels can be treated at:

Gulf Harbour Marina - Facility Number 30166
Vessels Up To – 100 Ton, 7.9m (Beam)
895 Laurie Southwick Parade,
Gulf Harbour,
Whangaparaoa 0930,
+64 9 424 6200.

Vessel Works - Facility Number 30035
Vessels Up To – 55m (Overall Length), 350 Ton, 12m (Beam), 5.5m (Draft)
6 Den Place,
Tauranga 3110
+64 7 577 7270

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Diverse Projects finishes refit of iconic exploration vessel Alucia, recently featured in David Attenborough’s latest Great Barrier Reef documentary

Auckland-based refit specialists, Diverse Projects, has been selected to undertake their third consecutive refit of 56m research and exploration vessel Alucia.

“It was a special brief for Diverse Projects on several levels” says Diverse Projects director Lars Bjorklund. “As an Auckland-based company, we are tremendously proud to see a vessel we have so much history with, return to us for refit. The uniqueness of this vessel was built to broaden our scientific understanding of the ocean and illuminate its myriad natural wonders.


Alucia’s refit commenced in San Francisco in December 2015 shortly after filming for the three part BBC series, Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough, was completed.


The Diverse team was appointed for their expertise in complex refits with demanding timeframes, and relocated to base themselves in San Francisco for the duration of the refit. The project began before Christmas 2015 as winter set in, and was completed at the beginning of March 2016.  


The rigorous refit included interior works, engine and machinery services and an entire hull paint job. The refit also included upgrades to multiple systems from the bridge through all areas of the vessel were undertaken, and Alucia’s five year regulatory needs were also attended to

Submarines play a huge role in the extent of exploration Alucia is able to undertake, and the refit project also included the rebuild of several submarines utilised in the vessel’s iconic expeditions, which will now be tested in Mexico.


The project management team kept to an exacting delivery schedule, and the three month refit saw the explorer yacht launch at the end of February and depart on 13 of March 2016.


Key to its ability to deliver refits on time, Diverse Projects continues to develop and utilise its proprietary management software, Predict, on all projects. It allows easy, complete tracking of tasks, budgets, interaction by crew, shipyard and management teams, and provides the company with successful delivery results.


The refit is the third undertaken by Diverse Project on Alucia. She underwent an extensive upgrade in 2014 to stay in survey for her multi-faceted operational requirements. The work, carried our over 12 months, saw a radically refreshed yacht leave the yard.


The refit was carried out at Bay Ship & Yacht Alameda, with a Synchrolift capable of hauling out vessels out to 1,200 tonnes and up to 62 metres, and drydock lift capacity up to 3000 tonnes.

The team at DiverseProjects has enjoyed the challenges working on this very unique vessel over the last three years and wish all involved with her the best for their transit voyages in the Pacific Rim through to the Atlantic.


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Diverse Projects launches extensively-refitted support vessel, within demanding timeframe 

Auckland-based refit specialists, Diverse Projects, has just launched the support vessel Advantage after an extensive transformation that took place in under four months. 

The project was a comprehensive conversion of a 54m Damen Sea Axe vessel, which saw changes such as the construction and fitting of a submarine garage, reconfiguration of the deck and the installation of Quantum stabilizers. A slick new paint job was undertaken to give the craft a superyacht-worthy finish.

The 54-metre vessel has also undergone lengthening with a new transom platform housing a stern anchor. The transformation included the removal of 60 seats and the installation of three new guest cabins, a captain’s cabin, a mess area and an office on the main deck. The lower crew area and galley were further upgraded with the addition of a fit-for-purpose cool room.

Diverse Projects was pleased to bring the project to New Zealand, where work was carried out in Whangarei by Oceania Marine. The addition of a custom-made submarine garage rounds out the vessel’s ability to provide comprehensive explorer services to the mothership.

The submarine garage was created whole offsite, and lifted and installed on the yacht in under ten days. Crew areas and galley were stripped, reconfigured and upgraded, while the main deck underwent a full Bolidt application resulting in a vessel with a dramatically different appearance to the one which entered the yard when the refit began in August 2015.

“A phenomenal amount of work has been done in a short period of time” says Diverse Projects director Lars Bjorklund. “This is an absolute credit to the yard and all involved, given the wide ranging and very specific compliance requirements entailed in a refit to this scale. This is yet another refit managed by Diverse Projects that speaks to our ethos of precision scope delivery and outcomes.”

After the final addition of a Heila crane, further testing of the stabilizers and classification testing, Advantage will leave New Zealand to join the mothership in Tahiti.

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Provisioning New Zealand

OCEAN VICTORY spent 10 weeks in New Zealand and, prior to her departure, the Auckland office organised the stock-up for their next voyage, covering their supplies for approximately three months. Logistically this job is a large one in comparison to the other visiting superyachts that they have looked after for supplies on board; in fact this is the largest private yacht ever to visit New Zealand! 

The one comment we repetitively receive from crew we work with is how much they love the New Zealand produce and the quality of the fish and meat is so fantastic. We can source almost anything in NZ – and if we can’t we will know where to find it. The difference with our yacht agents’ services is we have been crew and we know. It helps that Debbie is a 'foodie' and always on the lookout for new and exciting products to offer chefs. With over 30 suppliers in NZ we work with; OCEAN are delighted to have very successfully managed the provisioning job for OCEAN VICTORY.

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With limited support vessels built for purpose on the market up to 500GT, Auckland-based Diverse Projects has designed a vessel which combines the most-effective features of support vessels in service.

A new support vessel concept has been launched to market.

Atlas, the naval architecture of which is advanced and which is ready to build on request, has been created by a team experienced in converting commercial vessels into superyacht support vessels.

Atlas takes the knowledge the team at Diverse Projects, Auckland, has gathered through extensive work with superyacht owners creating support vessels, and combines all common requirements into one, purpose-built vessel.

We have been very fortunate to see both the benefits and shortcomings of what the incumbent industry can offer. With the knowledge that owners are wishing to push the duration of their voyages to more remote places, while still being able to cater for every possible activity, we started our design process not from a blank sheet but from knowledge of vessels currently in service,” says Diverse Projects’ John Vitali.

Atlas has been designed based on Diverse Projects’ experience of what owners most commonly ask to be added - or removed - from their support vessels. With a hull designed for ultimate steadiness, it has multiple loading stabilities and is designed to come in under 500GT.

“After a number of iterations with our chosen design office, which has one of the most efficient hull form databases, and thousands of hours of design work, we firmed on the platform which is now Atlas,” continues Diverse Projects’ Lars Bjorklund.

The Atlas package offers an efficient, stable, DP1, high load carrier with package options to add on modules like heli-decks, large A-frame, tender ramp, submarine garage, media/science containers and other extras often required for support vessels, and the team is ready to start work on an Atlas project immediately. Having been designed specifically for purpose, Atlas will be a very efficient high load carrier of both liquid and deck cargo platforms.

The Diverse Projects team were the project managers who were tasked with the conversion of Damen Sea Axe Umbra into a comprehensive support vessel for 56-metre research vessel Alucia - a yacht which had also been refitted by Diverse Projects. The team is currently converting another Damen Sea Axe; Advantage into a support vessel, and the project, six months in the making, was one Diverse Projects was thrilled to bring to New Zealand shores.

With experience stretching across many refit projects, as well as new build, the Diverse Projects team has an awareness of the time and cost involved in adding or subtracting elements from an existing vessel. Reducing that time and cost is the driving principle behind Atlas.

The Atlas package is fully customisable according to owner requirements with additional elements that can be added to ensure it fully fits the owner and mothership
s needs.

Its a transformer,Lars Bjorklund finishes. A purpose-built base boat, stripped down to basics allowing the owner to add the elements needed, to create the most cost-effective, high-yielding support vessel available.

Please make an appointment with directors John Vitali and Lars Bjorklund to be introduced to Atlas at the Monaco Yacht Show. 

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 The project management team at Diverse Projects has successfully completed their most complex refit to date. A full 12 month refit was undertaken on M/Y Alucia, a 56-metre explorer vessel, which included a break period in the middle to accommodate a scheduled cruise. This refit was an extensive upgrade of the unique 40-year old vessel, built specifically as a heavy lift ship and launch/recovery platform for diving and submersible operations, in order to continue its commercial SOLAS standards and stay in survey for its multi-faceted operational requirements.

A challenging engineering refit program saw the installation of an engine exhaust purification system supplied by Hugs Engineering of Switzerland. Both the main engines and the four gensets required the purification units to be installed which involved the reworking of the most of the vessels internal exhaust system.

The extensive and complex program, strict budget and an incredibly tight time frame saw works which included a full maintenance and upgrade of M/Y Alucia's submarine and dive control systems through to the full replacement of the interior overhead lining system.

The mantra of the Diverse Projects team is to keep the client and their management team fully informed on the project at all times, and to this end they have developed their own software system which is used on all projects they are involved with. This keeps clients totally involved and aware of the job progress and associated costs in real time. The information is conveyed in a totally transparent way with live data and comprehensive weekly reports distributed to the client’s management team, with conference calls integrated on a daily and weekly basis.

Diverse Projects’ advantage is its virtual shipyard approach. The Diverse team have an extensive network of yards and contractors, with no fixed commitments to those suppliers, giving the Diverse team the ability to cherry pick global providers and present their clients with the quickest possible project time at the best price and of the best quality. The approach delivers the owner a new build or refit project free of the risk of shipyard difficulties and which can be completed in the shortest possible frame of time.

Other projects that Diverse Projects have been involved in include the new build M/Y Black Pearl, the first warranty period for the highly acclaimed M/Y Big Fish, and completion of sport-fish vessel M/Y Satu; a sport fish yacht completed to the specifications of a superyacht.

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We've chosen four of our favourite charter yachts on the market now and broken them down into their best features. Not sure which to choose for your next escape? Read on below. 

Whatever type of holiday you'e looking for, the yacht you choose should enhance your experience. Whether it’s diversity, style, space or a family-oriented layout you are looking for, one of these world-class superyachts will fulfill your every need. With all four superyachts measuring over 37 metres in length, and accommodating up to 12 
guests in large and beautifully-finished cabins, each yacht’s individual features should be what you look to when booking the holiday of a lifetime. 

M/Y Sweet Escape – the yacht for groups 
The clue is in the name ‘Sweet Escape’, with this 39-metre yacht providing all the key ingredients for a break from reality. Sweet Escape has the diversity to suit everyone’s tastes and moods, and larger charter groups will find all their needs catered to on this luxury yacht. 

If taking in incredible views from the sundeck Jacuzzi with a signature cocktail in hand is your idea of a perfect holiday, then look no further. For those looking for a little more excitement, then the large collection of water toys will provide amusement for the entire  holiday. Toys include seas kayaks, speedy tenders, paddleboards, jetskis, and a waterslide. The addition of a floating island platform provides extended deck space, an excellent spot for catching some rays. 

Indoor entertainment matches that of outdoors, with BOSE surround sound in every room, ample saloon space and a fitness room.  Excellent communication systems allow you to stay connected to the outside world, not that you would want to when staying on Sweet Escape

M/Y Sunshine – perfect for families 
M/Y Sunshine provides timeless style and family fun in perfect combination. The yacht layout is perfectly suited to a multi-generation family, with the yacht accommodating up  to 12 guests, with two master suites included in the five staterooms. At 37.8-metres she has ample deck and saloon space to accommodate the whole family in high style. 

This beautiful yacht was refitted in 2014 to a flawless standard, with interior design by Dee Robinson Interiors and naval architecture by Benetti. This classic design both inside and out  will appeal to adults, whilst the water toy room, swim platform and slide are sure to  keep children busy for hours on end. Extensive dive equipment caters to enthusiasts and  beginners alike. 

S/Y Rosehearty – the ultimate in luxury and style 
S/Y Rosehearty epitomizes luxury. A graceful 56-metre sailing yacht, she is perfect for those looking for the ultimate superyacht experience.  With interior design by the  renowned Christian Liaigre, detailing throughout the yacht is refined and contemporary, with features including Hermes leather, pale oak paneling and crisp white linens. 

Rosehearty maintains this luxury on deck. Guests can relax in the shaded aft deck, a stylish lounge area fitted with a state of the art entertainment system, or enjoy al fresco dining on one of the many deck spaces. A custom-made swim platform and spa pool provide even more ways to while away the hours on this elegant sailing yacht.

M/Y Aquavita – the yacht for sun seekers
At 50-metres in length, M/Y Aquavita delivers on outdoor space. An extensive sun deck provides panoramic views and every luxury for sun seekers, including sunpads, bar, gym equipment and spa pool. Additional deck space extends around the entire upper level, and a large shaded space on the main deck provides one of many al fresco dining  spots. 

Two exterior balconies provide a perfect space for private rest and relaxation, and  the addition of an eight foot extension to the bridge deck acts as a swim platform, from which to enjoy Aquavita’s many water toys. 

This sophisticated yacht is stylish as well as spacious, featuring penthouse style décor. Unique qualities include feature lighting, mother of pearl details and coral beading table decorations. 

The clever addition of an elevator from the lower guest deck to the bridge  deck provides ease of access for all guests.

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Diverse Projects in conjunction with partners OCEAN Independence have gotten behind the NZ Millennium Cup 

Diverse Projects is proud to be sponsoring the 2015 New Zealand Millennium Cup through its partnership with OCEAN Independence. The regatta, running from the 21 to 23 January is the South Pacific's premier regatta and provides a focal point for the superyacht industry in the region. 

We're proud to announce that, through its association with us, the Millennium Cup will offer a dedicated onsite agent for the first time.

Our experienced agent, Debbie Gribble, gained her experience as a long-term chief stew before coming ashore to lend her skill and expertise ensuring superyacht guests experience the best of New Zealand and the Pacific. Working as part of our lauded Diverse Projects team, in conjunction with OCEAN Independence, Gribble provides all-encompassing shore support with local knowledge and a global outlook. 

She'll be onsite at the Millennium Cup to answer any queries yachts have, from provisioning, to secret spots to take the guests and oganising a dedicated cultural experience on deck. 

To get in touch, email

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Diverse Projects team’s virtual shipyard proving popular with yachts as the Auckland company has been chosen to act as owner’s rep on complex Umbra refit. 

Auckland’s Diverse Projects have been chosen to act as owner’s rep during the refit of 51m Umbra, at Whangarei’s Oceania Marine. 

The refit, which is underway now and expected to take three months, will include fitting a removable helicopter deck and the structure to support it, while adding two meters to the stern, undertaking a full exterior repaint in the owner’s colours as well as a full vessel survey.

Umbra, a Damen Sea Axe design, is a highly-engineered vessel created to cut through water at speed while maintaining excellent seakeeping abilities. The Diverse team will focus on ensuring Umbra’s seaworthiness and speed remain, after the extensive adjustments to her structure.

To do this, Diverse is employing its virtual shipyard approach. The approach uses a process-based software developed in-house to deliver a project which can be mapped by the owner, or their team, in very fine detail as the refit progresses. By breaking down each task within the refit to its individual components, the Diverse team have created a system which flags any potential road blocks, or budget overruns, long before they arrive, delivering a quick, efficient refit process.

It’s the only system in the world to take an overarching view of the refit process, while simultaneously breaking each component of the refit into its micro-components, and it gives the refit and management team unprecedented ability to visualise the end result and through that visualisation, avoid any potential stumbling blocks in the refit’s progress before they arise. 

“By being able to monitor and track each task live in every aspect, including costing and invoicing, we can easily spot where a potential problem might arise, plus it’s all captured within that task forever. This information can also be invaluable for when the yacht does its next refit down the line,” says Lars Bjorklund, Diverse Projects project manager.  

“The fact  alone that we can process all the purchase orders, invoices and even more importantly, the change orders online live, saves us an enormous amount of time - on all sides,” says John Vitali, Diverse Projects project manager. 

The Diverse Projects team are looking forward to completing Umbra within the three month time frame set aside for her refit, and returning the yacht to her busy cruising schedule in the Pacific.

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