Wild and untamed with corners barely touched by man, Corsica is an exceptional place for a yacht charter vacation. Corsica is an island of France with steep, rugged mountains and deep river gorges. For yacht charters there are beautiful anchorages, set within a stunning backdrop of grey and rocky coastlines, against the azure blue sea. Corsica boasts ports and facilities of international standards. The sun shines for an average of 300 days per year, concentrated from April to September, making the Mediterranean summer the perfect time for a yacht charter in Corsica.

Bonifacio enjoys a superbly isolated location at Corsica's southernmost point, a narrow peninsula of dazzling white limestone creating a town site unlike any other. The much-photographed Haute Ville, a maze of narrow streets flanked by tall Genoese tenements, rises seamlessly out of sheer cliffs that have been hollowed and striated by the wind and waves, while on the landward side the deep cleft between the peninsula and the mainland forms a perfect natural harbour. A haven for boats for centuries, this inlet is a chic marina that attracts yachts from around the Med and is a must see destination on the southern tip of Corsica.

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